Open Fork Cartridge Kit (30mm Piston)

Open Fork Cartridge Kit (30mm Piston)

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Experience the pinnacle of suspension technology with the YSS Fork Fork Cartridge Kit, a groundbreaking advancement in motorcycle handling and comfort. This premium kit represents a significant leap beyond the capabilities of the YSS PD Valve, offering an unparalleled upgrade for your motorcycle's front suspension system. Engineered for those who demand the very best, the YSS Fork Fork Cartridge Kit transforms your ride with superior damping control, responsiveness, and stability.

Each component in the kit is meticulously designed to provide a fully integrated solution, delivering a level of performance that is typically found in high-end racing machines. The kit's advanced Fork Cartridge system allows for precise adjustments, enabling riders to fine-tune their suspension to perfectly match their riding style and the demands of the road. Whether you're carving through corners, navigating urban landscapes, or cruising on highways, the YSS Fork Fork Cartridge Kit ensures a riding experience that is both exhilarating and comfortable.

Ideal for serious enthusiasts and professional riders, this kit elevates your motorcycle's capabilities, providing a level of control and confidence that must be felt to be believed. The YSS Fork Fork Cartridge Kit is not just an upgrade; it's a transformation, redefining what you can expect from your motorcycle's performance.


2012 - 2019 MV AGUSTA F3 675 RC

Spring Rate 9.5
Special Note Z3