About Us

EPM has been providing the best in motorcycle suspension needs for the past 20 years. From servicing of OEM products to Hyperpro, Wilbers, and YSS aftermarket suspension there is no customer we can not help provide the best product too. We are happy to be located in New Jersey and shipping product across North America to our dealers or individuals. 

Klaus Huenecke

The driving force behind EPM Performance Imports is Klaus Huenecke. Klaus is renowned for his expertise in all types of motorcycle suspension technology. When you buy your suspension from EPM, you get the benefit of this tremendous experience. 

Mike Medeiros

Mike Medeiros has been apart of the EPM crew for the past 4 years and will be the new owner in the near future. He comes from the Off-road world growing up racing in the ECEA harescramble series quickly moving up to AA class and racing nationals. He worked for the Beta GNCC team as a mechanic for 2 years before finding his way to EPM.