Suspension REbuild Services

Along with your suspension please include the form below:


Ship to:

EPM Performance Imports
3 Fedornak Freeway
Unit 1
Whiting, NJ 08759

A rebuild service is recommended between 20,000 and 30,000 miles, depending upon use (touring, racing, off-roading etc) for all quality shocks.

NOTE: All motorcycle shocks should be delivered to us for servicing in a “decent” clean condition. Shocks delivered to us as seen in the photo will automatically be billed an additional $20.00 for cleaning.

We pride ourselves on the attention we give to rebuilding motorcycle shocks service. Most shock absorber rebuilds are completed and posted for return shipping in less than 10 business days of receipt by us. In the rare event we cannot meet our deadline. you will be informed by email or phone call about the specifics of the delay.

Service Pricing

Pricing depends on shock/fork specifications and parts required. Please send us an email with your information for more specific pricing details.

ESA shocks

We can rebuild ALL BMW ESA shocks – even though your dealer says they are not rebuildable. 

New ESA shocks are available from us, as Hyperpro ESA Hybrid or Wilbers WESA shocks. If the servo drive in your ESA shock no longer functions properly, we are able to replacement the servo drive at $355.00 each with installation included. We are able to test all ESA servo drive functions and always test all of our customer’s ESA systems when the shocks are sent in for a service or transfer of the ESA components into a new Hyperpro ESA Hybrid or Wilbers WESA shock.