SKF Fork Seals

SKF Fork Seals

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The topic of radial sealing became increasingly important, especially for mobility. This is why the sensitive green seal with the patented base material and the unusual colouring was created.

The perfect property to seal a radial surface in the long term and also to guarantee a very sensitive response. Exactly the properties the motorbike industry was looking for. This seal not only protects the surface, but also seals every telescopic fork sensitively in the long term. The fine response can be felt from the first few metres and, after professional maintenance with SKF seals, every fork functions as if it was intended for motorsport use. We have tested this product extensively for the last 5 years in the IDM Superbike with BMW.

The SKF seal kit contains one dust ring and one oil seal for sealing a fork tube.

2000 - 2001 Yamaha YZF-R1 1000 | RN04