Shock Absorber Type 634 WESA front

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After quite some development time we finally managed at the beginning of 2010 to join the Wilbers suspension technology and the BMW ESA in happy marriage. From now on you have all the options: combine a first class motorcycle with the best custom suspension products of the world to a superlative experience. Enjoy a completely different travel fun and fulfill yourself the dream of your ideal motorcycle. Nearly everything is possible, no matter if standard seating height of lowering for up to 80 mm! Your personal setup, referring to loading situation and riding style, no matter how tall you are. After the conversion you’ll have your feed safely on the ground. Wilbers offers you all options and in addition you do not have to go without the comfortable adjustment over the ESA module in the cockpit.
Product may vary from picture.

To get a linkage to the ESA-System you have to send in your original ESA-shock absorber. The cost is $129. If you want a lowering, you have to pick the front shock absorber as well as the rear shock absorber.

When rebuilding the ESA to WESA the functionality of the ESA adjustments remains completely intact. WP ESA Suspension - Standard length

2005 - 2009 BMW R 1200 RT | R12T

Lift/Lowering std

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*Any lowering or custom build requests can go here. Let us know if you have customized the swingarm, frame, mounting positions, etc. here.