Shock Absorber Type 540 Road

Shock Absorber Type 540 Road

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Generally, the vehicle has too much damping in the fork, but too little in the shock absorber. This leads to a loss of direct driving feel.
Originally, linear fork springs were mounted in the fork. These have been replaced by progressive fork springs at Wilbers, which leads to a much better response in the beginning and offers more reserve in the second, harder spring rate than the stock. With simultaneous adjustment of the fork oil and the air chamber, the general setting was optimised here.

The suspension geometry on the front and rear axle was sensibly adjusted via the negative spring deflections.
Originally, the vehicle had slightly too much negative spring travel. By making the shock absorber minimally shorter, the seat height remains as original.
In addition, the rebound and compression damping has been optimised.
This results in a better ride and better handling, which also contributes to a safer ride.

Ecoline 540 Mono Road Ø 46 mm

The well priced alternative.

Stepless adjustable spring preload by using the included spanner tool.

With the radial-piston and the progressive shim-package you’ll always get the optimal damping.

High-quality, maintenance-free spherical plain bearings bearings promise long and healthy life.

5 years warranty with ABE.

Product may vary from picture.
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Spring preload adjustable.

2021 - 2024 Triumph Tiger Sport 660 | L101/L101R

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