Streetbox YAMAHA YZF-R125

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Hyperpro Streetbox is great for budget conscious riders looking to upgrade both front and rear suspension. The Hyperpro Streetbox includes an 460 Emulsion shock, fork springs, and new fork oil. This kit is considered a grab off the shelf kit that comes ready for a rider between 160-220 lbs. Ready to go and get you on the road with the increased performance you would expect from a Hyperpro shock.

The Streetbox allows riders to improve their ride dramatically without hurting the bank. You still have the choice between Hyperpro's Purple spring and a black spring on the shock but other addons such as Length Adjustment or the hydraulic preload adjuster is not available for these kits.

Also Included in these kits are the Hyperpro Progressive rate fork springs. Progressive rate springs allow your bike to absorb the small bumps like a light spring but give you even better bottoming resistance.


Model: YZF-R125

Year: 2008 - 2019