Streetbox Telelever BMW R 1100 RT (Front + Rear shocks)

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Hyperpro Telelever Streetbox - Our Hyperpro Telelever Streetbox is great for budget conscious riders looking to upgrade both front and rear suspension. The Hyperpro Telelever Streetbox includes a front and rear 460 Emulsion shock with a Hyradulic preload adjuster. This kit is considered a grab off the shelf kit that comes ready for a rider between 160-220 lbs. Ready to go and get you on the road with the increased performance you would expect from a Hyperpro shock.

The Streetbox allows riders to improve their ride dramatically without hurting the bank. You still have the choice between Hyperpro's Purple spring and a black spring on the shock.

This streetbox contains a replacement progressive front fork spring kit set and an adjustable emulsion shock absorber. The springs and shock provide easier cornering, a shorter braking distance, improved tire life, give a better balance in the bike and better overall feedback of your bike. The shock features a threaded preload adjustment and rebound adjustment with 30 clicks. The shock is equipped with a purple colored progressive spring (a black spring can be ordered as a paid option). The shock is built with our modular system, so the shock is fully serviceable and any part can be exchanged if needed. The Streetbox is a perfect suspension solution to upgrade your bike!

1995 - 2001 BMW R 1100 RT

Option Purple Springs