Promoto Lift Kit 20 mm

Promoto Lift Kit 20 mm

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Promoto Raising kit

You are too tall? Your ride height is too low? Your bike touches ground in curves too early? You are searching for a well priced solution? Assuming that the central shock absorber of your motorcycle is technical faultless, this kit for increasing your ride height might solve your problems. Promoto provides the kit for a variety of sport- and touring bikes, making it perhaps the best priced alternative. The vehicle is lifted up for 15 to 40 mm, measured at the seating height. The different kit - forms(A*, B* or C*) are milled of high-grade aluminum and afterwards anodized in blue, or they consist of highquality coated steel.
A* = Struts / Triangles / Linkage gadgets
B* = Shock absorber¥s eye / fork
C* = Spring seat

Product may vary from picture.

Form A

2015 - 2024 Honda VFR 800X Crossrunner | RC80 / RC94