Steering damper 75mm RSC - Progressive

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Steering damper 75mm RSC - Progressive (Damper only! Order Steering Damper Mounting Kit separately.) 2005 - 2013 R 1200 RT -

Experienced riders know the value of a quality steering damper. Tank slappers and steering vibrations are intercepted by the damper, so that you can have a bike that steers the way you’re used to and reacts the way you’d hope for in unexpected circumstances.

HyperPro offers 2 styles of Steering Dampers. RSC offers Progressive Damping which features speed-sensitive damping and CSC offers Linear Damping which is the traditional style. When ordering, you need to choose a steering damper and then also order separately the appropriate Steering Damper Mounting Kit for for your bike.

Steering Damper Mounting Kit come in a choice of 2 colors, and steering dampers come in a choice of 5 colors. So to order, look up the Make, Model and Year of your bike. Then you will see all available options that fit your bike. First make note of whether you want RSC or CSC model, and choose the color you prefer. Then, look at the Steering Damper Mounting Kit and choose the color you want, and for some bikes, there may also be a choice of mounting location (like Top Tank Mount or under the triple clamp).

For more info on Steering dampers, click here.

Make: Honda

Model: Monkey 125

Year: 2018 - 2023

SKU: DS-075-NP1